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Total funds raised for the Van Buren County Food Banks through the help of sponsorships, donations, and race entries. The Hunger Run is a team effort!


$11,000 raised

2017 Board members and food bank recipients shown Karen Ruiz, Claude Ruiz, Jessica Crabtree, Elisa McKinney, Jerrie Bonds, Meagin Warren, Debbie Lawrence, Belinda Pack, Stacy Isom, Scott Spencer, Shannon Smith and Kim Beard.
Not pictured: Karla Jones, Tiffany Jones and Laura Keith


$10,000 raised

Hunger Run board members & food bank directors receive donation from the 2016 Hunger Run


$8,000 raised

Members of the 2015 Hunger Run board present donation.
Left to right: Elisa McKinney, Karin Ruiz, Jessica Crabtree, Race Director Meagin Warren, Karla Jones, Claude Ruiz

River Valley Ozark Edition: Clinton Hunger Run Takes Off Saturday (March 23, 2015)


$5,000 raised

Members of the 2014 Hunger Run board present donation
Left to right: Betty & Scott Spencer of Foods for Life, Leah Sexton, Jessica Crabtree, Claude & Karin Ruiz (Choctaw Food Bank),
Meagin Warren, Colton & Cadence Warren


$4,000 raised


“This had to be the hardest 5k I have ever been in. Batesville bragged about their hills being tough last year, but they have nothing on Clinton’s course. I was very impressed with the amount of race support, from the water stops on the course to the atmosphere at the beginning. Most 5k’s do not provide the service that this one did to it’s runners. I plan on running again next year mainly to support such a good cause in our community.”

Michael Wells, Greenbrier | Runner

“Very great, exceptionally well organized, and challenging run! I have been looking for the pictures…please advise. Thanks My wife and I will be there again next year.”

Richard Sayner, Clinton | Runner

“Congratulations on a successful race. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the organization of the race from beginning to end. Who would have thought this was your first race! The support from your community was amazing, from the volunteers on and off the course to the number of the participants to the sponsors who provided a great goody bag. I was told that names of racers was announced over the radio as they crossed the finish line allowing those who could/did not participate to have an opportunity to be involved by listening for their loved ones and cheering them. I think that is awesome.

As a walker I want to say that I appreciate the walkers being recognized in age groups as the runners were. Most of the races I do only the top 5 walkers get recognition, if walkers are acknowledged at all. This allowed more “winners” and will hopefully encourage more walkers.

Congratulations again. Looking forward to next year.”

Jami Todd, Jonesboro | Walker